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Free Price Quote for Car Removal

We offer free vehicle removal as well as cash for all sort of used, old, damaged, scrap, junk, unwanted vehicles in Melbourne. If you want to get rid of your unwanted vehicle then you can contact us any time. If you want to know how much price our car evaluation team can offer you. Then you can reach us with the following option.

  • Simply make a phone call to our car evaluation expert on 0478 804 487
  • Send email with vehicle make, model, year, location to [email protected]
  • Complete our online quotation form to get a price quote

On the basis of vehicle type, make, model, age, condition, internal and external major mechanical problem, we evaluate the price.

What we required from you

When you book your old car with us, we need the following information from you

  • Any photo ID of the person who is selling vehicle to us
  • Take off the Number plates before arrival
  • Removal of your personal belongings from vehicle like e-tag, cds, magzines, cash etc.

Collection depots

  • Laverton North
  • Epping
  • Dandenong

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