Cars Removal Melbourne

Cars Removal Melbourne specialized in buying used, old, junk, damaged and unwanted vehicles in Melbourne. We buy and remove all makes and models of unwanted cars, vans, trucks, utes, and 4wds in Melbourne. If you have a vehicle that you want to sell and remove from your backyard, then you can call on 03 9012 5935.

We’ll tell you price and after booking with us you’ll get cash as well as free removal of your unwanted vehicle within maximum 3 hours. We offer quick and reliable free vehicle removal service by giving you instant cash on the spot. We welcome all vehicles in any condition from all suburbs of Melbourne.

Want to discuss your free car removal in Melbourne. Then you have the following option to reach us

  • Call to one of our friendly car evaluation expert on 03 9012 5935
  • Send an email to our car evaluation team via
  • Communicate online via filling our online quotation form
  • Visit us in Laverton, Dandenong or Somerton
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Cash for Car Removal in Melbourne

Cars Removal Melbourne offer cash for car removal in Melbourne. We don’t remove cars for free. Because every car, van, truck, ute or 4wd have some cash value in the form of good parts, scrap metal, and engine and transmission. So we pay cash for all vehicle removals in Melbourne.  We buy them and we reuse the parts. We offer high payouts when we deal in late model cars, trucks, vans, utes and 4wds. So, selling a car is now very easy with our reliable Car Removal Services in Melbourne.

We buy cars with or without a title so don’t worry if your car is without registration. We bring cash when we go to remove the car and we give this cash during car removal. Car owners can check the car prices with other unscrupulous car removal companies and you’ll know that our price is top among all other scrap car removal companies. Cash for cars Melbourne is a term that is used to buy cars for cash in Melbourne and you can read more about it on Wikipedia’s cash for cars or Car Removals cash page.

Free Car Removal Service

For all damaged, old, used, unwanted, scrap and dead vehicle, our removal service is free throughout Melbourne. It includes everything e.g. pick up, removal and free towing of your vehicle with all paperwork of vehicle transfer. We have a fleet of trucks that travel in all directions of Melbourne to remove cars, vans, trucks, utes and 4wds that are too costly for roadworthy or too much old for reselling.

Our junk car removal team is so much efficient and hardworking that you’ll feel good after dealing with us. And one more thing about scrap Cars Removal Melbourne is that we are currently LMCT license holder. It means that we are legally allowed to buy and sell vehicles in Australia. If you want to know about more LMCT then you can find more details here.

Free Truck and Van Removal in Melbourne

Doesn’t matter you’ve any commercial vehicle e.g heavy-duty trucks, buses, minibusses, utes or commercial vans. Our services include free removal for all sort of commercial vehicles in Melbourne. And you also get decent cash money in your pocket when you deal with Cars Removal Melbourne.

We’ve purchased and removed so many trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles across the Melbourne and now we’ve got so much experience in removing commercial autos.

Our price evaluation team continuously monitor and look after vehicle prices according to the market. That’s why our prices are on top for all makes and model of commercial vehicles and damaged cars.

Don’t wait sells your vehicle instantly with Cars Removal Melbourne today.

Scrap Car Wreckers melbourne

Vehicle Removal of any Make, Model, Age – Scrap Metal Buyers

Our quality car removal services are not dependent on your vehicle make, model, year and overall condition. We only make sure that your vehicle is complete with a major part on it. Feel free to get your free car, van, ute, 4wd and truck removal including cash in your hands in Melbourne. We do removals for all famous makes like Ford, Holden, Honda, Japanese, Chrysler, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Jeep, Kia, Daewoo, etc.

  • We do old car removal in Melbourne
  • We do scrap and damaged car removal in Melbourne
  • We remove all vehicle makes and models in Melbourne
  • Dead and burned Vic car removal
  • Second-hand car, van, ute, truck and 4wd removal in Melbourne
  • Free car removal services throughout the Melbourne

If you want to read more about old car removal benefits then you can visit Wikipedia Car Recycling page. Or you can also visit Car Removal Melbourne and Cash for Cars Melbourne.